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Shy ref sheet by Shy-Sniper Shy ref sheet by Shy-Sniper
Name (Nickname): Zia 'Shy' Haykon

Age: 21

Gender: Female

-Physical Details-
Height: 5'5"

Weight: 132 lbs

Skin: Pale, red around cheeks from so much blushing

Hair: Long and light brown with blonde streaks and darkens at the tips

Eyes: Blue at times, however it changes depending on lighting. Grey is most common, however she has been seen with green, blue, and even red eyes. When having a vision they become pure white.

 Eats more then should and sings songs to herself. One time she even sang her pet owl a lullaby.

Gestures/Mannerisms: When in her normal state, Shy doesn't move at all when talking or listening to people, especially superiors. After a few drinks, she'll be a bit giddy and talk very loudly with a lot of swear words and slurring.

Demeanor/Carriage/Gait: Normally Shy has a hunched back while working as a Heavy, when working as a Medic her back is a lot more straight and as an Engie she tends to hunch a lot.

Voice: Shy is very quiet, sometimes when she knows she's about to say something stupid, she's so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Her voice is also very high pitched and she tends to stutter a lot.

Clothing: Her outfit varies from class to class, but one thing that's always certain is she wears Merc's Muffler. She'll never leave her room without her scarf. Shy also needs glasses and her outfits to be custom made for her height, gender, and weight.

If you were to somehow get past her shyness, you would see a very bright and creative young woman. Having the mind of a 10-year old, she often makes everyone around her instantly happy when depressed. Her creativity shows through music and art, a fabulous singer, Shy will often sing how she feels and can find a perfect song for any situation. When she is depressed, she drinks. 
Her personality is affected by visions, these are those rare, rare visions that occur. These ones are like a bad LSD trip. Shy will scream, kick, talk backwards, and even yell at you to kill her. When she has these, it's important to make sure she's await from everyone else.

Part One: Basic Info
Alone time, reading a good book, drawing, singing, friendly Snipers, training with Metal Melters, and her little Team-Captain wearing owl, Hootpoot.

Bullies, mean people, arrogance, ignorance, being ignored, being cheated on, her visions, politics, people who shove religion and MLP down her throat, and people who beat her up in childhood.

Shy is an artist in both singing and drawing. She agrees there is always someone better then her, but she will keep doing what she loves because it's all she has. 

Singing, drawing, gaming, sniping, and comedy

Character Strengths:
She gets visions that let her see either into someone's future or past. She can use these visions to save someone's life.

And the coinciding weaknesses:
The visions are completely random. They could come on the battlefield or during off time. The time a vision takes is also random, ranging from a few seconds to half an hour.

If Shy drinks enough she'll sing 'Call me Maybe'

Most valued possession:
Merc's Muffler Scarf. No one is allowed to touch besides her and Hootpoot.

What kind of energy level do they usually have?
Shy is very laid back and will sleep at around 10:30-11:00 pm. (22:30-23:00)

What kind of ‘public’ face does he/she display?
Shy rarely goes into public due to fear of having a vision. However when she does go she tries to wear as much clothing as possible to hide herself.

Does he/she have any addictions/dependencies/fixations/fetishes/ or other strange behavior?
Shy loves Hot Pockets and milk. I guess that's an addiction.

What is his/her sexual preference/experience/values?
Shy is bi-sexual, both genders.


Shy was born in a small town in Massachusetts, America during the late 50's called Shrewsbury. She spent most of her life in the countryside outskirts.

Under the guidance of Strict Soldier ( Menaria ), Shy is learning the ins and outs of Mvm training and defending Mann co from armies of robots.

Educational background/other learning experiences:
Shy was very smart growing up, however her education just kind of stopped after she was 10. 

Intelligence Level:

Although here in America, 10 years old is the age for late Elementary School. But Shy has the intelligence of your normal American 7th grader.

As far as she knows her parents are deceased

Shy isn't a great people person.. I'm surprised people can put up with her. Though he considersBielek and Strict and Vladimir to be some of her closer friends.

Shy's parents were both born with the gift of visions. The only difference from Shy's visions and her parents is that they can control them. Shy grew up with major, MAJOR anxiety problems, she was often beat up at school and picked on for stuttering and shyness, even to points where the kids who didn't do their homework stole hers causing grades the fail. She was everyone's punching bag. Shy was taking antidepressants prescribed by a doctor and most of the time stayed in her room. Her dad was a sniper in WW2 and taught Shy was taught how to use a rifle. Soon she had her own little collection of pistols and shotguns. 
One day, while Shy was walking home from school, a vision struck her, the vision was clear as day unlike the visions she had normally. It showed an abandoned house, much like her own, and her leaving it. The only difference about her was she looked much older and was wearing different clothes. Shy bolted to her house to tell her parents the vision. However when she made it, no one was there. She did her homework, made herself dinner, and went off to bed.
the next thing that happens confuses Shy even today, when she woke up. The house was dank, dark, dreary. The once normal bedroom of hers was now on the verge on collapsing. Shy quickly sat up to take a good look at the new house she had slept in. Thinking it was someone else's house, she asked if anyone was there, no answer, but she did hear something different, she had a deeper voice. Kind of like the one her mom had. She went to a mirror, she couldn't believe her eyes.
this was the girl from her vision.
Shy's eyes had plenty of tears in them, the only thing she could do was explore the future home. Floorboards were breaking, bookshelves with old dusty books were smothered in dust, and the kitchen table was bent in half. In the living room, there was a note addressed to Shy. It said:
"Dear Zia. 
We are so, so sorry. But we couldn't hold the spell any longer. We hope you forgive us and try to adjust to 1972. 
Your going to work for a place called Mann Co. You will belong in their hands or the hands of anyone willing to take care of you."
And so, Shy beg and to sob. She held the scarf her mother gave her, telling her shed always be with her. Well, now Shy needed her.
a small bird noise was audible at her window, a tiny owl wearing an unusual hat was perched on her windowsill. Shy adopted it and went on to work for Mann Co.


Physical Strength:
Although Shy had a small gun collection, she used to be a Pacifist. That was diminished when she joined Mann co. She still is pretty weak though. 

She's a bit slow on that. One time someone had to smack Shy in the head to get her attention.

Fighting Style:
Shy depends on others a lot. Never will she go into battle alone.

Weapons/Other Gear: 
Her prized gun is 'That's a nice head ya have there...' A Sniper Rifle she named in honor of her dad.
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